Kemputa Systems

Electronics and Micro Computer

Research and Systems Design

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A research organisation specialising in building prototype equipment for solving a wide variety of (mainly environmental) problems. Expertise in setting microprocessors to work in small systems, holistically applying electronics to novel situations. Consultancy to assist in applying the solutions in small scale production.

R.B. Kemp, BSc.(Eng.), C.Eng, MIEE, ACGI
Mrs. E.A. Kemp
Ysbyty Ystwyth,
Ystrad Meuring,
SY25 6DG


As a partnership we have always aimed for our own quality of life and customer satisfaction rather than business success.

VAT Reg No. 109 2504 94

Status: Kemputa Systems was formally founded in 1979, after a period of the two of us (husband and wife) being formally employed but managed as if consultants. Since then various self employed people and our children (as they grew up) have contributed to our business. We have always targeted our own quality of life and customer satisfaction over business success, and have avoided like the plaque transforming our work into becoming business managers. So we have never expanded or faced the bureaucracy of employing anyone. This has always meant we have always had more customers 'by word of mouth' than we really need, our driving force. We have therefore never advertised our services. Despite now being in our upper 60's retirement seems a distant dream. Therefore we can safely say we are not open to new customers and never will be, except possibly for a project that is really really close to our hearts.

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